DreamBuilders’ Desk Project Makes News!

credit: WJZ Baltimore Channel 13

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Good Morning America Giving Students a Safe Place to Learn 8/13/2020


Throughout this pandemic, our community has come together in creative ways to help one another. DreamBuilders, an interfaith non-profit, usually builds and repairs homes after natural disasters, but COVID-19 has changed how they give back. Some of our students don’t have dedicated workspaces in their homes where they can study and learn virtually without distractions. Dreambuilders has responded by building small, foldable desks that allow students to open up the desk, work in an area and then close it up and store.This weekend, 50 volunteers are working to make 120 desks for Howard County students and they will continue to build desks to meet the demand for these innovative workspaces. Thank you to the leadership team and all the volunteers who help serve our students in need across the County. To learn more about DreamBuilders and how can get involved, please visit https://dreambuildersmd.org/

Posted by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on Sunday, August 9, 2020
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