Portable Desk Build hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Maryland DreamBuilders’ is excited to share some great news about a successful portable desk build story performed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

It all began when Rev. Dr. William Hope, Interim Pastor, at First Missionary Church on Fort Wayne (https://www.firstmc.org/ – https://www.facebook.com/firstmcfw) saw the “Good Morning America” interview with John McBeth, DreamBuilder’s Leader.

Dr. Hope and his Administrator, Rachel Wilhelm, quickly went into action (https://www.firstmc.org/ministries/desks-for-students/)!

Dr. Hope and Rachel contacted their local public school, Harrison Hill Elementary School, downloaded the Portable Desk Implementation Guide from the Maryland DreamBuilders’ website (https://dreambuildersmd.org/dreamdesks/) then coordinated and hosted a desk build with members and friends from the local community. Their team built 96 desks in just one day, truly a remarkable feat!Check out their various news stories:




Maryland DreamBuilders’ would like to congratulate and thank the First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne for performing this important work within their community.

First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne portable desks built

Special Thanks to Martin and Preston

Today, DreamBuilders was pleased to accept two newly built DreamBuilders Portable Desks from Martin Raabe and Preston Lauria.

Martin and Preston, juniors in high school, experienced the fun and satisfaction of participating in the DreamBuilders Portable Desk builds last year. Together with dozens of other volunteers, more than 200 Portable Desks have been constructed.

Martin and Preston turned their garage into a woodworking workshop and spent about 6 hours on each of the desks.

The young men enjoyed the opportunity, gaining the experience to construct these desks from raw materials, but more importantly, helping other students have dedicated work stations. They enjoy woodworking, robotics, engineering, architecture and music. You can read more about Martin and Preston on their website page at: https://dreambuildersmd.org/meet-martin-and-preston/

Keep up the great work and thank you! We look forward to having you join us on future desk builds.

Preston Lauria and Martin Raabe donate desks


Many hands make light work.

Our portable desks are helping students in need throughout Maryland, and across the US!
Learn about the DreamBuilders Desk Project: https://dreambuildersmd.org/dreamdesks/.

Read more from the Baltimore Jewish Times, article on DreamBuilders build desks for remote learners. Article written by: Jesse Berman


Amy Levitt (Ben Levitt) of Temple Isaiah

Portable Desk Build Volunteer Upcoming Opportunities

DreamBuilders is pleased to announce new dates to volunteer for building portable desks. The new dates shall be November 21st and December 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To register, please visit our Volunteer Registration page on our website at: https://dreambuildersmd.org/volunteer-registration/

Please keep in mind there may be unforeseen reasons for the changes of our volunteer builds due to circumstances beyond our control. We appreciate your patience and understanding and we will update you as quickly as information becomes available should a change be required.


DreamBuilders Exceeds Portable Desk Build Goal

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DreamBuilders’ Leadership team and volunteers anticipated building 120 portable desks for students in the community on September 26 and October 3rd and exceeded their desired goal.

These desks will be provided to students in need in the local area to enable them to have dedicated work spaces during this time of virtual learning. In August, 100 desks were distributed and the need increased as the mandate to personally attend public schools has been extended.

A very special “thank you” to all the organization and individuals that provided materials, food, music and labor to help us accomplish this major build event.

DreamBuilders finalizing the building of 120 portable desks tomorrow

The second organized portable desk build event will be completed tomorrow with a target of 120 portable desks for students in the community.

The first group of students that received the desks have enjoyed having their own dedicated workspace and are very thankful that the DreamBuilders’ Leadership Team and Volunteers took the time to help them in their educational endeavors.

The desks will be finished and distributed within the next few weeks.

Thanks to all the volunteers that graciously gave up their weekends to help and support the next generation of leaders!

Volunteers Needed to Help Build Portable Desks on Saturday, September 26, 2020!


Volunteers are needed to help build more portable desks for students in need.

Join the DreamBuilders team as we work together to build desks and enable students to have a dedicated workspace during this time of Covid-19 and virtual learning!

The need is great, so register today to volunteer on Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This volunteer event will occur at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 12701 Hall Shop Road, Highland, MD.

REGISTER TODAY AT: https://dreambuildersmd.org/volunteer-registration/

For more information about the Portable Desk Project, follow this link: https://dreambuildersmd.org/dreamdesks/

Portable Desk Implementation and Construction Guide is available!

DreamBuilders Portable Desk Implementation and Construction Guide

DreamBuilders is pleased to announce the Portable Desk Construction and Implementation Guide has been completed and is now available.

Please visit our webpage at: https://dreambuildersmd.org/dreamdesks/ and complete the guide request form. A follow up email containing a downloadable link will be sent to you within the next couple of days.

Donations are also welcome, see our website for a safe and secure option to help provide desks to students.