Portable Desk Build hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Maryland DreamBuilders’ is excited to share some great news about a successful portable desk build story performed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

It all began when Rev. Dr. William Hope, Interim Pastor, at First Missionary Church on Fort Wayne (https://www.firstmc.org/ – https://www.facebook.com/firstmcfw) saw the “Good Morning America” interview with John McBeth, DreamBuilder’s Leader.

Dr. Hope and his Administrator, Rachel Wilhelm, quickly went into action (https://www.firstmc.org/ministries/desks-for-students/)!

Dr. Hope and Rachel contacted their local public school, Harrison Hill Elementary School, downloaded the Portable Desk Implementation Guide from the Maryland DreamBuilders’ website (https://dreambuildersmd.org/dreamdesks/) then coordinated and hosted a desk build with members and friends from the local community. Their team built 96 desks in just one day, truly a remarkable feat!Check out their various news stories:




Maryland DreamBuilders’ would like to congratulate and thank the First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne for performing this important work within their community.

First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne portable desks built