January 2024 Trip to Puerto Rico


January 14-20, 2024

16 spaces

Cost – $1,000 Age: 16+

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!! (Closes November 1st). Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September of 2017. Now, 6 years later, hundreds of Puerto Ricans are still living in damaged homes, or crowded in with family members waiting for the day when their home can be made livable again. DreamBuilders will be making its fourth trip to the island this January to work with SBP-Puerto Rico to repair damaged homes.  

     Registration will be open until November 1st. The cost of the trip is $1,000 per missioner, which covers the flights, housing, food, and rental vehicles. Daily temperatures in San Juan for January average between 80-83 degrees. 

      You can register as a volunteer and find the list of the other steps necessary to complete below. You will pay half the fee upon registration ($500, using the appropriate link below) so DreamBuilders can reserve the flights, housing and rental vehicles. 

      If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Gold at heycathy (at) verizon.net.

  1. Registration

    Doctor, insurance information, emergency contact numbers and health information (allergies, medication list, estimated tetanus shot date) are needed to complete your registration. Registration closes November 1st.

  2. Payments

    Deposit ($500) for Puerto Rico is due at time of registration. Full payments are also welcome. If not making a full payment at time of registration, remainder is due by November 15th.

  3. DreamBuilders Liability Waiver

    Required for all Missioners. Print, fill out and sign the form, and bring to airport or mandatory meeting.

  4. SBP Puerto Rico Volunteer Form (Now required for ALL PARTICIPANTS)

    Register with SBP. This is NOW REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, even if you already registered back in January. Some sections in the form should be prefilled by SBP, but just in case they are not, in the section labeled “Volunteer Information”, subsection “Where are you interested in volunteering?,” select “Puerto Rico.” In the subsection labeled “Volunteer As,” select “Group”. Where it asks for “Group Name,” also make sure “DreamBuilders” is listed. January 15, 2024 should be the “Volunteer From” date, and January 19, 2023 should be the “Volunteer To” date. These are the actual work days with SBP required for the form, and they are different from the total days in the DreamBuilders trip.

  5. Chaperone-Parent Understanding Form (if under 18 years)

    If the missioner is under 18 years old, the SBP Chaperone-Parent Understanding Agreement form must also be filled out and submitted with the missioner.