Portable Desk Build for December 5, 2020

DreamBuilders Desk Manufacture Event Registration Form for May 8, 2021

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Tell us a little information about you and how we can contact you.
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If you answer "YES" to this question, a box will appear below. Please list first and last name of each team member and team leader. Each member should register and select the same volunteer stations as other team members.


What experience/familiarity do you have with the following construction skills? Please select your skill level and desired interest of task.


Build day 2 requires 4 different types of stations. 2 of these stations have concurrently-working sub-stations for throughput. Build day 2 also requires several runners/materials handlers as well as quality-control personal to maintain oversight.
Attach hinge ledge and lace-in handle. Tools: Glue, Clamp, Air Nailer
Putting hardware together and assembling into desk frame. Tools: Screw Gun
Banding with cellophane
Finish sanding of assembled components. Tools: sandpaper
Running materials to other stations or other tasks as assigned


By signing below, I agree to work to the best of my ability, and to give as much warning as possible in the unlikely event I cannot work as expected. I agree to follow DreamBuilders' rules and procedures, including health guidelines and safety instructions.