Due to the recent surge in Covid cases in both Puerto Rico and the U.S., WE HAVE UNFORTUNATELY HAD TO CANCEL OUR JANUARY TRIP TO PUERTO RICO. We are hoping to reschedule the trip when conditions improve. Check back for updates!


January 9-15, 2022

25 spaces (must be 18 or older)

Cost – $1300 ($650 due at time of registration)

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September of 2017. Now, 4 years later, thousands of Puerto Ricans are still living in damaged homes, or crowded in with family members waiting for the day when their home can be made livable again. DreamBuilders will be making its second trip to the island this January to work with SBP-Puerto Rico to repair damaged homes.

Registration for this trip is now CLOSED. If you have already registered, remember that the cost of the trip is $1300 per volunteer, which covers the flights, housing, food, and rental vehicles. A deposit of half the trip cost ($650) was due at time of registration so DreamBuilders can reserve the flights, housing and rental vehicles. Please see below for link to make any remaining payments.

Volunteers help with many different phases of construction such as mucking & gutting, demolition, drywall, mudding or spackling, priming, painting, flooring, trim, doors and final punch. All training, safety instruction/gear and supervision provided. Costs include lodging in San Juan, most meals, airfare, and ground transportation. Daily temperatures in San Juan for January average between 80-83 degrees.

SBP has COVID protocols in place to protect their staff, the home owners, and the volunteers. All volunteers must be vaccinated. Team size will be limited to allow for distancing, and cleaning stations are established at all project sites. More information about SBP’s efforts in Puerto Rico and their COVID protocols can be found on their website: sbpusa.org.

Click each link below to complete your registration.

  1. Registration (NOW CLOSED)

    Doctor, insurance information, emergency contact numbers and health information (allergies, medication list, estimated tetanus shot date) are needed to complete your registration.

  2. Payments

    Deposit ($650) for Puerto Rico is due at time of registration. Full payments are also welcome. Registration closes November 17.

  3. DreamBuilders Liability Waiver

    Required for all Missioners. Print, fill out and sign the form, and bring to airport or mandatory meeting.

  4. SBP Puerto Rico Volunteer Form

    Register with SBP. In the section labeled “Volunteer Location Preference,” select “Puerto Rico.” In the section labeled “Volunteer Opportunities,” check the circle for “Group” under “Volunteer As”, and select “No” for the question of “are you the group organizer?” Where it asks for “Group Name,” put “DreamBuilders.” Select January 9, 2022 as the “Volunteer From” date, and January 15, 2022 as the “Volunteer To” date.

Further information about the Puerto Rico trip to be posted on this page.

Questions?  Contact Cathy Gold (heycathy@verizon.net)